Phrases are a group of words with no complete thought.
Example: The girls is
See it doesn't express anything or does not mean anything


Noun Phrases - A Phrase that includes a noun
Ex. The Girl is
"The Girl" is a noun.

Verb Phrases - a phrase that has a verb in it. (sometimes including when it is going to be done.)
Ex. should finish his homework
"Should Finish" is a verb, including when it should be done

Prepositional Phrases - It is a phrase including where it is being done.
Ex. is going downstairs
"Downstairs" is a place.

Participle Phrases - It is a phrase with a verb + suffix (-ed, -ist)
Ex. wondered around the park
"Wondered" is has a suffix

Gerund Phrases - It is a phrase with a gerund in it. (-ing)
Ex. swimming every Monday
"Swimming" is a gerund