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A.      Identification


_____________1.       It takes iodine in blood and uses it in making active hormones which help in mental development.

_____________2.       Gregor Mendel used Pea Plants because? (give one reason)

_____________3.       It provides insulin to the rest of the body.

_____________4.       The sum of protons and neutrons.

_____________5.       The molecule that contains the genetic information of a creature.

_____________6.       The gland that secretes parathormone which regulates the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body.

_____________7.       The identification of a column of elements in the periodic table.



B.      Analogy


1.       ___________ : negative :: protons : positive

2.       Gregor Mendel : Pea plant experiment :: __________ : Punnett Square

3.       Pituitary Gland : Antidiuretic :: Thyroid : __________
4.       Au : Gold :: __________ : Titanium

5.       RNA : Ribonucleic Acid :: DNA : 

C.      Multiple Choice


______1.       What is the Element for the symbol K?

a.       Potassium

b.      Titanium

c.       Krypton

______2.       What is the Chemical symbol for the Element Germanium?

a.       Ge

b.      Gm

c.       None of the above

______3.       Where can you find Chromosomes?

a.       In every cell of an organism

b.      In protons

c.       In your hypothalamus

______4.       What was Gregor Mendel’s occupation when her was using pea plants?

a.       Scientist

b.      Monk

c.       Teacher





1.  Thyroid Gland

2. They were easy to grow, etc.

3. Pancreas

4. Atomic Mass

5. DNA

6. Parathyroid Gland

7. Family



1. Electron

2. Reginald C. Punnett

3. Iodine

4. Ti

5. Deoxyribonucleic Acid



1. A

2. A

3. A

4. B