Session 5 Working Plan
*There really isn't Spanish, PE or Music.



 -Describe Mendel


-infer how the pea plant experiment helps in determining the genes


-predict the possible combination that will appear through coin toss model


-describe each term in genetics


-explain the importance of a punnett square and how to use it


-compare dominant and recessive dominance


-predict the possible traits of offspring based on the combination given through the punnett square


-measure the exact amount of fruit peelings they will use


-describe the importance of their project and how the community can benefit this


-communicate well in making their project




-differentiate surface area and volume


-solve the surface area of a cube, rectangular prism and a cylinder

-solve the volume of a cube, rectangular prism and a cylinder


-solve the surface area and volume of composite solid figures


-solve matematical equations using volume and surface area




-determine the appropriate verb to be used in each sentence


-construct sentences using the different simple verb tenses


-use verbs in writing an original movie synopsis


-apply learning on verbs and relate it to real-life situation through a 3-minute movie trailer


-write a good lead using verbs




-differentiate characters


-differentiate realistic versus contemporary fiction


-compare and contrast


-summarize a given topic


-come up with sound conclusion after studying the situation


-exhibit mastery of vocabulary and comprehension skills after series of NAT reviews





-natutukoy ang kahulugan ng mga di pamilyar na mga salita sa akda


-natutukoy ang katangian ng isang anekdota


-nasusuri ang mga pahayag kung opinyon o katotohanan



-natutukoy ang iba't ibang aspekto ng pandiwa




-that God is our Father and our Creator who alone must be adored and worshipped


-that God's name, which represents God Himself, is holy


-that God blessed the seventh day as a day of rest and prayer


-give God the rightful place at the center of their lives and speak His name with all reverence


-respect God's holy name in all places at all times for it is God Himself


-praise and thank God by worshipping the Triune God through the Sign of the Cross and by religiously attending and actively participating in the Eucharistic Celebration




-the difference and function of the two types of sound execution which are automatically and when clicked


-apply the different ways of executing sounds


-modify the speed of an animation


-realize the importance of motivation for the sake of harmony




-natutukoy ang mga programa ng pamahalaan para sa mga minoryang pangkat


-nauugat ang daloy ng kasaysayan


-nauunawaan ang mahalagang gampaninng mga bayani ng bansa


-naipapaliliwanag ang kahalagahan ng kababaihan noon at sa kasalukuyan


-naipapaliliwanag ang kahalagahan ng pambansang wika sa pagkagamit ng kaunlaran at kapayapaan


-nagagamit nang tama ang wikang Filipino sa pagpapayahag ng kaisipan


-natutukoy ang kahalagahan ng tapat na paglilingkod ng mga pinuno at kawani ng pamahalaan


-nakikilala ang mga tradisyunal na pagpapahalaga


-naipapaliliwanag ang kahulugan ng pagkakapantay-pantay


-naiisa-isa ang mga pagpapahalaga na maaring makatulong o makahandlang sa pag-unlad ng bansa