CLE Trimestral Quiz


I.                    Write “true” if it is correct. If not, write "false".

1.      __________ Moses is the person which God chose to lead the Chosen people to slavery.

2.      __________ “You shall not steal” is the seventh commandment.

3.      __________ We should know God, love God, and hear God.

4.      __________ God gave us our talents to benefit ourselves.

5.      __________ “Bill Of Rights” is the “Ten Commandments” for the Israelites.


II.                 Fill in the blanks.


1.      Intellect, Free Will, and __________ is  what God gave us to be special.

2.      Erroneous __________ mistakenly judges what is good or bad.

3.      ___________ is the worst ___________ sin in the world. Also because it says you are the better than everyone else.

4.      ______________________ and __________________________ are the two main ten commandments.

5.      __________________ is the signpost to guide us to full FREEDOM.

6.      ______________ are given to Moses from God. 

III.                Answer the question with CAPITAL LETTERS.


1.      The capital sin, meaning to gorge yourself with too much food.

2.      Level of conscience, giving up everything just to follow God.

3.      The type of which is the biggest one, including death, ten commandments, and capital sins.

4.      This sin is excusable, but if done a lot of times becomes a non-excusable sin.

5.      The capital sin, which is the worst out of all of them.

6.      The level of conscience, doing something just to get praise or not to get in trouble.

7.      The number of the commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbors".

8.      The level of conscience, which does good bases on values.

9.      The capital sin, which shows jealousy, too much, wishing evil upon them.

10.  The conscience which judges correctly.






1.      True

2.      False

3.      True

4.      True

5.      False


1.      Sentiment

2.      Conscience

3.      Pride, Capital

4.      Loving God, Loving your neighbors

5.      CFC 870 – 873

6.      Tablets


1.      Gluttony

2.      Christian Religious Conscience

3.      Major Sin

4.      Venial Sin

5.      Pride

6.      Fear Conscience

7.      Eighth

8.      Envy

9.      Correct